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Improving your smoking with a Dabber Box

October 13, 2016

There are almost constantly new developments and innovations that people come up for everything that they care about and of course one of the big things that a lot of people care about in their lives is finding one way or another to get high. While this kind of technology might not be everyone’s thing, a number of companies like Dabber Box are always coming up with new and improved ways for people to smoke or to use already existing methods. This is done in all different kinds of ways including vapor rigs, vaporizers and the newest and probably the most popular method that Dabber Box has become famous for, their namesake invention, the Dabber Box. The Dabber Box and all of the other methods and tools that they sell on the Dabber Box website are particularly well known and sought after because they are known to be the method in which the user is able to get the biggest bang for their buck and the biggest hit for the least amount of investment. This is pretty much because of two distinct reasons. First of all, the Dabber Boxes and vaporizers that Dapper Box sells are some of the most efficient machines and ways of getting high out there. vapor rigThere is almost no waste when you use a vaporizer or a Dabber Box. The other reason is that the Dabber Box is used with oils, mostly hash oil of course but then again I guess you could use it for just about any kind of oil that you wanted to put in there and smoke. Oils, depending on the kind of oil that you get of course and where you get it from, can have incredibly potent THC levels. Some hash oil companies are even known for selling TCH oils with up to ninety percent THC levels. Combine a high THC level and an incredibly efficient smoking method and there is a good chance you are really going to like the results. For those who have the money to invest in a Dabber Box, they say that it is one of the best smoking upgrades they have ever made in their life and that it has totally changed the way that they smoke and enjoy hash.

This of course means that people who prefer really light highs are probably not going to like the Dabber Box or other vaporizers much but for those who really want to get the most that they can from their vaporizer and from their high, than this is one of the best fits for what they are looking for. Since Dabber Boxes are still decently pricy investments though, it is important that before you jump right in and buy one that you do a little bit of research either on the Dabber Box website or on any other kind of website that has information on Dabber Boxes and get a feel if this is something you might be interested in or not.

Vapor Rigs: All You Need to Know About Dabbing

July 18, 2016

vaporizerIf you are into ingesting cannabis in one form or another, you will probably have heard of dabbing by now. This is a new way that people are turning to when it comes to getting the kind of high that lasts a long time and that is potent. If you are bored of smoking cannabis and want to try something new, then choosing a vapor rig and the right strain of dab can be a great experience. Of course, there are a few things you need to keep in mind.

  • Potency: Before trying dabbing, you should know that the concentration of THC is much more potent in this process than in any other. You also can extract more effect from less amount of cannabis so it is vital that you speak with someone who has done it before to measure out the right amount of dabs so that you do not feel sick.
  • Therapeutic Effects: Dabbing can offer many therapeutic effects when used responsibly. They have been proven to relieve anxiety and depression symptoms without causing any side effects. For people going through chemotherapy treatments, dabbing can help with nausea and other symptoms.
  • Different Methods: Although most people use a vaporizer to dab, there are other methods you can try. The first way that people used to dab was by heating knives on a stove and then pressing them against the cannabis concentrate. This is not as used friendly, which is why vapor rigs are so popular these days.
  • Lots of Flavors: Dabs come in all manner of flavors and concentrations. Of all the methods used for cannabis, this is the one that will get you the purest flavors, especially if your vapor rig is one made of glass or titanium. When buying dabs, it is important to do your research to find a good quality product that will give you the high you want.
  • Start Small: Because of the high potency of cannabis in dabs, you need to start with small quantities. Even if you have smoked cannabis for a long time, you will still not be prepared for the powerful effects that dabs provide. If you are not sure how much to try, ask for advice from people who have done it already. Once you become adjusted to one type of dose, you can slowly add to it until you reach a comfortable dab size. Because a small amount still packs a punch, you will never have to use a lot to start feeling the effects.

Dabbing is an option that more and more cannabis lovers are turning to when they want a great experience. Take your time learning about what dabbing is and purchase high quality equipment from reputable companies like Dabber Box to ensure that you have a good first experience. Most people enjoy dabbing, but it is not for everyone. Remember to start small and gradually increase the dose until you feel comfortable. For anyone who wants to try cannabis in a different way than smoking or baking with it, this is an option to try.

The benefits of dabbing and dab rigs

January 25, 2016

If you are not super into the world and culture of marijuana use or you don’t live in more drug progressive states such as Colorado, you probably have not heard or either dab rigs or dabbing before. Dabbing is a pretty specific and new process that combines the familiarity of smoking out of a bong with the innovation of vaporizing. In very little time vapor rigs have become incredibly popular because they provide one of the strongest ways for people to get high with minimal time, waste and product. This can be incredibly good news either for someone who is using their dab rig for medical use and needs strong and immediate relief from extreme pain or nausea or for someone who just wants to really get as high as possible without having to do much.

Instead of using hash of marijuana directly, when you use a dab rig, you need to use either hash or cannabis extract, which comes in the form on an oil. There are different kinds of oils out there and a number of different manufacturers. Different oils are extracted in different ways and will all produce different kinds of oils, some of which might be a bit less healthy or safe than others. This is why when you are looking for retailers for your hash or cannabis oil, you try to find the one that has been made in a way that is going to be safe for you to consume.

vapor rigThere are also differences in the different kinds of vaporizers and dab rigs out there. A bunch of manufacturers and distributers like Dabber Box are starting to look towards no torch necessary vaporizers because they tend to be safer for the users. While the push is going that way, there are still a vide variety of different kinds of products out there so you can easily find something that is going to give you exactly the experience and the high that you are looking for. If you don’t know that much about the different kinds of vaporizers out there or even the different kinds of smoking apparatuses out there, you can do a bit of looking around the Dabber Box website and find all different kind of information on different smoking accessories and how to see which one might be the best match for what you are looking for. Since smoking accessories of all kind generally tend to be rather expensive, especially if you care about quality or the look of the thing, it is a good idea to do your research fully before you splurge on one thing or another. The idea is that you are probably going to use this new toy for quite some time in the future so it is important that you find something that you really enjoy and are going to be happy to use for quite a bit of time to come. There are enough resources out there that you should be able to find enough information on the kind of smoking tool that is going to be the best fit for your needs.


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